About us

The Portland Girl is the brainchild of Master Indie Esthetician, Anna Long, who wanted to break beyond traditional “beauty business standards” by creating a skin care studio and product line that was as unique as Portland itself.

Unlike most skincare studios that carry products that are chock-full of ingredients linked to cancer and skin irritation, we believe in only using/carrying/selling products that pass our artisanal standards.

  • No parabens,
  • No sulfates,
  • No phthalates,
  • No weird dyes or fake perfumes and
  • No testing on our furry animals.

We feel that the products you use should be super effective, but that they shouldn’t give you weird rashes, headaches and God forbid – cancer.

Our mission: Give back to yourself and give back to your community. Because if you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you take care of others?