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Butterfly Express - Coconut Oil

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Can be used alone or as a carrier oil for an essential oil.

A message from Butterfly Express:

"Fractionated Coconut Oil is very popular choice. Coconut is inexpensive, absorbs quickly, has almost no aroma at all and has the added advantage of a long shelf life at room temperature without rancidity. For those of you who like a little bit of chemistry information—this liquid form of coconut oil has had the smaller fatty acids and the long-chain triglycerides removed. Without these ingredients there is a very, very slow rate of oxidation. This is a carrier oil that does not go rancid, even in the summer months! Other advantages of fractionated coconut oil include: odorless and colorless; absorbs readily into the skin, leaving no residue; does not stain clothing and easily washes out of clothing and bedding. Absorbing very quickly, liquid coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer; rarely aggravates existing skin problems such as fungal or bacterial infections and does not clog pores. Fractionated coconut oil leaves the skin feeling smooth but not greasy. I believe that fractionated coconut is one of the best carrier oil products available. I love it and the solid coconut variety! Coconut oil and palm oil are very similar and are often used interchangeably. Coconut oil is said to be slightly healthier for internal consumption, though palm is considered just as good for topical use."